CoreMedia integrates the world’s leading enterprise cloud commerce platform, with the advanced content management and digital asset management capabilities. CoreMedia’s multi-commerce content platform allows you to access up-to-the-minute product data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud, blend it with brand and editorial content, and infuse it back into your customer-facing shopping experience. Blend both content and products effortlessly, regardless of whether these assets are on your store homepage, individual category subpages, product detail pages, or integrated content pages.

Transform Online Stores with CoreMedia's Content Capabilities

1. Stunning Design & Dynamic Layouts
Access a large catalog of appealing design elements, including shoppable videos, interactive image maps, slide shows, carousel views, 360° spinners, and more. Because we separate content from presentation, you can easily reuse and quickly reformat your content in a variety of styles and layouts.

2. Inherently Omni-Channel
Because our modular architecture separates content from layout and business rules, you can deliver unified and consistent digital experiences to any digital channel or mobile device, Our built-in responsive and adaptive web capabilities can be used as a foundation for building modern, effective user experiences.

3. Smart Content Personalization
Content created and managed in CoreMedia can be combined with real-time product information to enhance every aspect of your customers’ shopping experiences. You can construct stories around any product or collection. CoreMedia lets you create personalized business rules to show different content to each user.

4.  Advanced DAM Capabilities
Built-in digital asset management makes it easy for you to manage and integrate digital content to make your online stores more appealing and visually engaging. You can easily manage, edit, and integrate a wide variety of rich media content types including images, videos, PDFs, binary files, style sheets, and page layouts.

5. Incremental Approach
CoreMedia helps you to reduce your risk with an evolutionary “grow-as-you-go” approach that helps you get started quickly while laying a sustainable foundation for future growth. You can also benefit from a fully productized, deeply integrated application as well as the option of a fixed-price, fixed-scope deployment offering.

6. Flexible, Intuitive Design Environment
CoreMedia empowers your business users with an innovative design environment. The CoreMedia UI is a dynamic, web-based tool for the design, creation and delivery of content-driven experiences that can be seamlessly integrated into IBM WebSphere Commerce.