The CoreMedia Content Experience Platform helps you connect with your customers, differentiate your brand, and expand your reach. CoreMedia’s content management capabilities support a wide range of online and mobile applications with high traffic and omni-channel delivery requirements. With a high-performance architecture and open interfaces, the system can be easily modified to suit your most complex business requirements.

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CoreMedia’s UI is a dynamic, Web-based interface for the design, creation,
and delivery of content-driven digital experiences.

Features of CoreMedia CMS

1. Complete Creative Control 
CoreMedia’s powerful, extensible user interface makes it easy for you to access content from multiple sources to create engaging customer experiences. Your editors can have access to a range of visually appealing layout options and a comprehensive catalog of design elements – including slide shows, carousel views, tabs, image maps, photo galleries, and more. CoreMedia’s real-time, contextual preview capabilities ensure that your editors can see exactly what their customers’ experiences will look like on any device and for any visitor segment.

2. Easy Content Reuse
CoreMedia separates content from presentation, so you can create content once and reuse it on multiple digital properties without the need for duplication. You can share content and layouts across sites based on user, group, or site permissions. This allows you to create and publish engaging digital experiences within minutes – without IT involvement.

3. Streamlined Global Publishing
Master the global and multi-site publishing with a centralized management capability that simplifies editing and reduces time-to-market. Easily manage content for multiple brands or regions, instantly compare content across sites, launch end-to-end translation workflows, and localize content for different regions and sites.

4. Future-Proof Omni-Channel Publishing
CoreMedia Studio supports the latest responsive and adaptive technologies, enabling you to automatically adapt, optimize, and leverage the strengths of different devices and interfaces to deliver the best experience to any channel or device – so your customers can enjoy a unified and consistent experience across all digital touchpoints. As mobile matures, you can be sure your content will always be up to date.

5. Customizable & Collaborative
You can create your own online custom environments – with support for custom taxonomies, flexible business modeling, and the ability to define content types, keywords, and content structures. CoreMedia also gives you the ability to collaborate in an informal, ad hoc fashion, while also supporting more formal publication and translation workflows.

6. Complete Ecosystem Integration
Leverage our powerful integration architecture to orchestrate digital content and data from multiple sources. Take advantage of pre-built integrations with a range of third party tools, including eCommerce, CRM, marketing tools, analytics, predictive targeting, RSS feeds, video management, and many more. Access your content in real time and incorporate it directly into the overall experience.

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