CoreMedia can serve as a single repository for multiple rich media asset types. Product data, unstructured digital content, media libraries and marketing materials can be managed and accessed directly from a single interface. Publish assets faster and associate them with products, through pre-built download portals, 360 degree spinners, shoppable videos, and more. 

CoreMedia Advanced Asset Management Capabilities

1. Asset and Rights Management
Manage, edit, and publish high-quality digital media assets as well as associated renditions for all relevant channels including print, web, and mobile. Take full control of your asset pool and ensure compliance with integrated rights management for all channels and regions, including expiration dates.

2. Visually Appealing Media Modules
Many file formats can’t be easily converted into web-compatible file formats, requiring multiple round trips between creative and the content management or eCommerce systems. Publish these assets and associate them with products by using a wide range of visually appealing and interactive media modules, including 360 degree spinners, image zoom, interactive image maps, shoppable videos, and pre-built download portals.

3. Image Editing & Adaptive Image Handling
Take advantage of our powerful image-editing tool with rich out-of-the-box functionality including cropping, rotation, filtering, brightness, and contrast. Scale your images dynamically and select multiple aspect ratios automatically so you only need to store a single high-resolution image that can be processed and optimized on the fly for any device or channel. Instantly overlay images with editable text that can be dynamically updated or translated.

4. Automated Product Image Linking
Automatically associate your images with individual products (or groups of products) and deliver them directly to your store and brand sites. Import tagged product images, documents, videos and more. The system extracts metadata on import and automatically links assets to relevant products.

5. Enhanced Product Detail Pages
Augument your Product Detail Pages with a pre-configured asset widget that lets you control exactly how products will be displayed on those pages, along with the ability to enhance the page (automatically or manually) with additional product-related content. Override existing product images, adjust layouts, and display additional product-related assets including images, videos, and product documents.

6. Editable Text on Images
Place editable text on top of any image associated with a product. For multi-language stores, you can translate this text using CoreMedia’s advanced multi-language capabilities. When combined with our advanced automation and dynamic publishing tools, you can easily personalize this text on the fly for different audience segments, regions, and languages.

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