CoreMedia provides IT teams and Web developers a secure, extensible, and flexible technical foundation that combines the core strengths of a platform with the benefits of a solution. CoreMedia's Content Experience Platform delivers rock-solid performance and stability to customers of any size – helping you innovate with less risk, master complex content environments, and get the most out of your online investments. 

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Start slow & grow

CoreMedia’s “grow-as-you-go” implementation approach provides predictable results at a reasonable price. CoreMedia enables you to start where you want and develop at your own pace with support for flexible business modeling and a range of integration approaches to get you up and running quickly and affordably. Easily integrate existing or best-of-class components into an environment that meet your needs.

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Delivering continuous value for developers

To ensure developers get access to new features, updates, and bug fixes as quickly as possible, CoreMedia has committed to Continuous Delivery, with processes spanning the full delivery cycle from development and production to code testing and release automation. Key technologies available to CoreMedia customers include Apache Maven, automated deployment tools such as Chef, and Freemarker for dynamic templating.

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Open standards, maximum extensibility

CoreMedia’s extensible architecture and well-documented APIs simplify integration with other services and applications. CoreMedia is based on open standards that make it straightforward to integrate with external software systems and build customer-specific extensions. Our “importless” integration approach allows you to incorporate external content dynamically without importing new assets into the repository.

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